Beta Healthcare Launches A Slimming Product.

Beta Healthcare recently ventured into manufacturing lifestyle products as part of its expansion plan. One of the new products is Slimtrim is a herbal product specifically designed to aid weight loss in women. According to Beta Healthcare General Manager, Dr. Sanjay Advani, people’s lifestyles, including eating habits, predispose them to diseases such as diabetes, which is made worse by obesity. “Slimtrim will

help one achieve her desired weight in a short time. It has ingredients that are scientifically proven for their efficacy in weight management therapy. All a user ought to do is eat a balanced diet as she takes the pill. This is a product from nature and works on your metabolism in a natural and healthy way, as it has no side effects,” says Dr. Advani.

The other herbal products by Beta Healthcare include, Livlife, which is designed for liver protection and Memcap, which aids memory loss in the young and the old. Dr. Advani assures the market that the necessary toxicology tests have been done to ensure the pills have absolutely no side effects. All these products are available at registered pharmacies, supermarkets and kiosks.