Dr. Sanjay Advani, The Standard Newspaper - 2nd November 2010

up with brands such as Maramoja, Action, Salimia, Good morning and Prunol.  Some of these brands have been passed on from generation to generation and have been trusted by many and loved by even more.

The reason for this consumer endorsement is because of the guaranteed quality, the proven efficacy...

and value for money for these products but most importantly the trust they have bestowed on the manufacturer Beta Healthcare.

Beta Healthcare was recently awarded the highest accolade one can get from consumers for its two brands Maramoja and Action both pain relieving medication, which is Superbrands.  Superbrands are brands that have been recognized worldwide and have a quality that makes them stand out in the market place

“Maramoja and Action were awarded Superbrands status in 2008 as the most recognized pain relieving medication.  This accolade marks the fact that Maramoja and Action hold a special place not only in the mind of the consumer but also in their hearts” says Dr. Sanjay Advani, the CEO Shelys Africa.

In May 2008, Aspen Pharma one of the largest pharma companies acquired 60% of the share capital of Shelys Africa Limited, which has operations in East and Central Africa.  Both Beta Healthcare in Kenya that deals in OTC products and FMCG products and Shelys Africa, that is the sister company based in Tanzania that is a leader in script market operate under the umbrella of Shelys Africa.   The acquisition by Aspen pharma is already bearing fruit for Beta Healthcare since recently Beta Healthcare ventured into the ‘Infant Milk Formula; Infacare 1, Infacare 2 and Infacare 3”.  Once of Beta Healthcare’s mantra is believing in being in the forefront in developing new offerings that answer consumer needs.

Beta Healthcare recently ventured aggressively into the herbal market.

Global trends show that consumers are now more health savvy and health conscious and are drawn to herbal products that are sage and effect.

Dr. Sanjay assures consumers that the necessary toxicology tests have been undertaken to ensure the supplements have absolutely no side effects.

Beta Healthcare consistently seeks to improve its manufacturing capabilities.  Beta Healthcare recently relocated to the prestigious state of art factory on a five-acre plot in the heart of industrial area.  This will enable the company to increase its manufacturing capabilities and penetrate into virgin markets across Africa.

Beta Healthcare stands for the following values.  They believe in Speed – Reaching our customers fast to cater for their health needs.  Believe in Integrity – Ensuring that our products are safe for consumers. Believe in affordability – that is provide affordable quality products for our consumers and we believe in accessibility - We are where our consumers are.