Beta Healthcare International Donations at Nyumba ya Wazee in Kasarani, Nairobi

Packing of Free Goods at the reception of Nyumba ya Wazee.

Beta's Workers helps offloading the Goods

Offloading by Beta's workers continued for 30'

Beta's Workers Pose for a Capture.

Mrs Beatrice Mwenga hands the goods to the Old members of Nyumba ya Wazee.

Beta's Workers in interaction with Nyumba Ya Wazee staff.

Beta healthcare International Ltd gave away prisoners in Kenya medicated soap worth 1.2 million. The gesture was a reminder that these prisoners are still part of our society and should be treated in a humane manner.

At the give away session was the former police Commissioner Omondi. General Manager Dr Sanjay Advani and HR and Administration manager Mr. James Kinyanjui. The prisoners were nicely surprised and thanked the company for their kind gesture